Repeat Photo Project

This first image is an old photo that was taken of the Paris building that is in downtown Pocatello. It is not my photo, but I used it as inspiration for this assignment.

The Paris building, formerly known as Idaho Furniture
This is the Paris building now. It is awesome to see how it has changed over time. Photo by Makayla Clanton.
The Paris building in Black and White. Custom Preset. Photo by MaKayla Clanton

This is an old photo of the Yellowstone Hotel that is in old town. This is one of my favorite historic buildings in Pocatello. This photo is not mine, and I am not sure who owns the copyright.

Not my photo, Unknown copyright…. Hotel Yellowstone in Oldtown Pocatello, ID.
Hotel Yellowstone. Photo by MaKayla Clanton
Wide angle view of the hotel. Photo by MaKayla Clanton
I took this photo a while back, it was not specifically for this assignment, but I love this photo of the hotel and the beautiful sunset in the sky. I took this photo for another class assignment. Photo by MaKayla Clanton

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